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A beautiful October morning spent together with passionate English teachers is something all of us at the Dubai Chapter greatly enjoy.

A big thank you to all of those who shared this experience with us, especially our presenters. The feedback has been really positive. (If you were at the event and would like to leave some feedback, click here.)

Our presenters did a fantastic job of sharing their experiences about writing and reading with young learners.

In the first session Will Pearson looked at the special difficulties Arabic speakers face when reading. This high-energy motivating and well-informed talk made the participants focus on the challenges their Arabic native speaker students face. They also learned how they can diagnose these difficulties and adapt their tests to take them.

 Have you heard of EDM or Error deduction Marking? Participants of the event now know how this motivating and simple tool can help students become better readers. It was wonderful to have Shabnam Fatima joining us to tell us about her experiences with great passion and enthusiasm.

Making students to read is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks a teacher faces on a daily basis. Our co-organiser, Yasser Salim‘s prezi was a great source of simple tips and ideas to make reading an integral part of their learning.

Finally we had a short conversation about the participants’ experiences with reading.

It was a fun and useful day. We are looking forward to seeing you at our next workshop on 29th November 2014.

Click here to access the presentations from the event.

And here’s Yasser’s prezi

Here’s a short video of the pictures taken during the day.

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Let the 2014/15 season begin

October 7, 2014 | News  |  13 Comments

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We are very excited to invite you to a joint event with the Young Learners and the Reading Special Interest Groups.

On 18th October 2014 from 9 to 1:30 PM

at the Emirates Aviation College Building 2

(Click here for the map of the location)

we will talk about effective reading and writing strategies for young learners.

Our topics of the day include:

Making writing fun: Improving writing skills in the YL classroom

Diagnosing young learner problems with reading skills

Running a Student Book Club

Bring your best ideas with you and share them with the other participants.

Raffle Prizes                  Hospitality          Attendance certificate

Those who contribute to the SWAPSHOP (TeachMeet) will get a special certificate to thank them for sharing their experiences and ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

This is the first time you can become a member of TESOL Arabia at the venue and enjoy the event for FREE.

Non members can also take part (registration fee: AED40)

Register online:

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It’s that time of the year again.

No, not the end-of-year grading, exams and holiday preparations….

You can start entertaining the little bug in your ear that keeps nagging you to put in a speaker proposal for the next TESOL Arabia Conference.

Are you planning to attend? Have you been to the conference before? Have you ever thought: “Well, I could do better!” We are sure you could.

Come and share your experiences, thoughts, problems.

Theory. Practice. Innovation. Teaching and Learning in the Digital World

12-14th March 2015 at Hyatt Regency, Dubai

Deadline for submissions: 15th November 2014

Please visit for details.

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TesolArabia Logo

The TESOL Arabia Dubai Chapter and the
Independent Learning Special Interest Group
invite you to a morning of workshops on

Supporting Independent Learning
In- and Outside the Classroom

on 22nd February 2014

at the Emirates Aviation College Building B (Garhoud, Dubai)

09:00    Registration
09:30    Opening talk
10:00    Break
10:10    Session 1    
Mahmoud Sultan: Classroom assessment techniques  to foster critical thinking and independent learning    
Shumaila Omar: Intensive listening – a source of independent learning
11:00    Break
11:10    Session 2    
Mohamed Azaza: Using Learner Training Materials to Promote Learner Independence    
Azzeddine Ben Cherab: Project work: The Leading Vector towards Learners’ Autonomy
12:00    Break
12:10    Swap-shop
12:50    Closing, Certificates, Raffle

Come and join us and share your experiences and learn with some of the leading professionals in the UAE.


Registration is FREE for TESOL Arabia Members (for non-members AED 40)

Pre-register by email: [email protected]

phone (text): +971 50 585-234-7



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TesolArabia Logo

Happy New Year!

The Dubai Chapter, the Research and the English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Groups

invite you to a morning of workshops about

The Well-informed Classroom

on Saturday, 18th January 9am to 1pm

at the Canadian University in Dubai

Automated Comprehension Checks of a Reading Passage –  Yuri Vedrashko
Towards a Workplace Communication Classroom – Mohammed Molhim
Emotional Intelligence for Teachers: What does research say? – Mohamed Azaza
Multiple Intelligences Theory: Implications for ELT Teachers – Azzeddine Ben Cherab

Come and join us and share your experiences and learn with some of the leading professionals in the UAE.

Registration is free for TESOL Arabia Members (for non-members AED 40).

Pre-register by email: [email protected] or
phone (text): +971 50 585-234-7

or online


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TesolArabia Logo

The Dubai Chapter and the Young Learners Special Interest Group

invite you to a morning of workshops on

Exploring Reading with Young Learners

our speakers include
Melanie Gobert, Julie Riddlebarger
and others

Saturday, 16th November 9am to 1pm

At the Emirates Aviation College in Garhoud, Dubai

Come and join us and share your experiences and learn with some of the leading professionals in the UAE.

Registration is free for TESOL Arabia Members (for non-members AED 40).

Pre-register by email: [email protected] or
phone (text): +971 50 585-234-7

 or click here for online registration

For more information check our blog:

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Welcome back

September 10, 2013 | News  |  2 Comments

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Welcome back. We hope you have had a great summer and that you are ready to meet the challenges of the new academic year. TESOL Arabia and its Dubai Chapter is gearing up to help you reach your goals and  boost your professional learning this year.

We have already started planning the events for this year and our calendar will soon be complete. In the meantime, feel free to suggest topics for our future events by leaving a comment to this post.

We also welcome new speakers. If you have a topic you are passionate about and would like to share with us let us know and we’ll make sure to include you in one of our future sessions. Speaker registration form

We are always happy to hold our events at new schools and institutions, if you would like your institution to host a TESOL Arabia Dubai Chapter event, please let us know ([email protected]).

One of the pivotal events of our calendar is the TESOL Arabia International Conference. The speaker registration for the conference is live. If you would like to present at the conference, fill in the registration form and become part of one of the most exciting ELT events of the year.
Speaker registration deadline: 15th November 2013.
The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai 13-15th March 2014.

Have a great new year and let us work together to make learning English more rewarding for teachers and more enjoyable for students.

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The Dubai Chapter teamed up with the

READ SIG and the

Teacher Training and Development SIG

at Middlesex University, Dubai (location)

for a morning of professional development on 25th May.



Come and join us, to share, discuss and grow together.

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Come and join us

April 19, 2013 | News  |  Leave a Comment

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The TESOL Arabia

EDTECH SIG and the Dubai Chapter

invite you to  a joint event at the

Canadian University of Dubai

Saturday, 27 April 2013

from 9:30-13:00


PROGRAMME (as of Wednesday 17 April)


Room 1

Room 2

10:00 – 10:50

Dr Dean Sheetz:

Delivering Feedback on Written Projects using Screencasting

Ms. Arini Muntaha:

UAE High School Students’ Attitude towards Peer Response using Blogs

11:00 – 11:50

Daniela Coelho:

Tailor-made practice with UDUTU and ExeLearning in the Language classroom

Catherine Hill:

educreations – it sings and it’s free

(NB: To make best use of this session, bring  your iPad)

12:00 – 13:00                                                     EdTech Swap-shop


P r e s e n t e r s

Dr. Dean Sheetz (HCT-Dubai) Delivering Feedback on Written Projects by Screencasting

Presentation summary
Screencasting is a method of recording which captures what is on your computer screen as video and what you say as audio. It’s use in education has been primarily for capturing presentations on video for flipped classroom activities or for supplemental material. However, one other use which it has been put to is delivering verbal feedback on written work which has been submitted electronically. For example, when students submit a project draft, quick impromptu feedback can be done with a screencast, which is then available to the student on the web. All that you need to do is send a link to the students.

In this session, we will explore how to use screencasting for feedback by:
1. Looking at examples of feedback screencasts;
2. Discussing how to get full value from both video and audio channels; and,
3. Trying some different screencast applications.

This session will be valuable for all teachers whose students submit written work electronically and have ready access to the internet.  In the second half of this session, participants will have the chance to try screencasting themselves. Participants should bring their laptops and some student work so they can try some of the screencasting softwares.

Presenter bio
Dean Sheetz has a BS in Mathematics, an MA in English, and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management. He has sixteen years of teaching experience, thirteen of which are in higher education in the UAE. Currently he is the Academic Coordinator for the Higher Colleges of Technology Professional MBA program in Dubai.

Dr. Sheetz is a Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT), a senior CMALT portfolio assessor, and a former member of the CMALT Development Group, which has oversight of the processes and requirements of this professional educational technology qualification.

Ms. Arini Muntaha    (MOE – Sharjah) UAE High School Students’ Attitude towards Peer Response using Blogs

Presentation summary:
An exploration into how UAE high school students feel about responding and receiving responses from their peers about their writing. The experiment I am going to present aims at showing the audience how motivating using blogs in writing classes can be. Questions are most welcome.  Both secondary and tertiary teachers will find the presentation useful.  This experiment has been so overwhelmingly successful that participants will try it with their own classes to implement effective peer-feedback routines in their classes.

Presenter bio
Arini Muntaha has been teaching English for more than 10 years. She earned her MA TESOL Degree at the American University of Sharjah. She is interested in exploring new ideas and techniques for teaching English. She considers using computers in classrooms a major challenge which is worth exploring.   

Daniela Coelho (HCT-Al Ain) Tailor-made practice with UDUTU and ExeLearning in the Language classroom    

Presentation summary:
My presentation aims at sharing the possible uses of Udutu and ExeLearning as authoring tools for Distance Learning courses or face-to-face classes. There are many online resources, but sometimes it would be useful for us, teachers, to tailor-make our own activities, exercises and tests, but using an interesting and appealing tool for teenagers and university students: the computer and the Internet. Produce your own activities and save them for later. Audience will be invited to produce their own activity related to the subject(s) they teach and save it for later.

Presenter bio:
English Faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Al Ain. I’m currently attending a PhD degree in Didactics in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. I hold a Master’s degree in Language Didactics from the same University. I attended an ESP training course in the University of Oregon, USA, as well as an ELT training course from the NILE, Norwich, England. I have been working as an English teacher and teacher trainer for the past 12 years, both in Portugal and England, and now in the UAE. I am a certified e-tutor/teacher and I have taught English for the Marketing and Tourism degree course on a B-Learning platform (Moodle and Blackboard), using different authoring tools.

Catherine Hill    (HCT – Ras Al Khaimah) educreations – it sings and it’s free

Presentation summary:
I would like to show some of the types of lessons that you can make using the educreations app on the iPad by having participants actually do the activities themselves, or in the case of longer tasks, providing them with the instructions and showing them some of the “products” made by my Foundation students. I will set up a class that participants will be able to access on their iPads during the presentation. The educreations app creates a digital whiteboard that allows people to write , type, insert pictures onto it as well as to record a commentary. Participants will do some of the activities themselves and also be able to create material, so they would need to have an iPad and have downloaded the latest version of the app. Actually creating content will allow people to see just how easy the app is to use and they may see possibilities with the app or indeed have already used it in ways that I haven’t – I see this as a collaborative session where we can all learn from each other. Student files can be sent by email or the link can be copied into a Word document.

Presenter bio:
As I am currently teaching on the Foundations program in English at RAK Men’s College, I have been involved in the integration of the iPad into our learning and teaching strategies since last September. I have narrowed down my choice of “best practice” apps over the last few months – many of the best apps in practice are free which makes them accessible to educators and students alike who do not have “app packages” as part of their programmes.     

Swap shop (Moderated by James Buckingham and Tamas Lorincz)
At the end of the event we would like YOU to share your experiences with Educational Technology in your own teaching environment. Tell us about your successes, share your questions and problems so that we can learn from each other. If you have a favourite app, website, tool, this is your chance to introduce them to your colleagues.

To find the Canadian University of Dubai, click on this link or find it on Google Maps here.

For further information, feel free to contact James Buckingham (EdTech SIG) ([email protected]) or Tamas Lorincz (DXB Chapter) ([email protected]). With urgent enquiries call Tamas at +971 50 5852347

Twitterati, please use one of these hashtags #EDTECH_DXB  #TESOLARABIA  #TAEDTECH when tweeting about the event.

Participation is FREE for TESOL Arabia members, non-members can join us for AED40 (or become a member at the venue).

Snacks and light refreshments will be served during the breaks – sponsored by the Canadian University of Dubai.

Looking forward to seeing you:

TESOL Arabia Dubai Chapter (visit our blog:        

TESOL Arabia Educational Technologies SIG (join our community:

Canadian University of Dubai (Visit our website.)


Please feel free to pass on this information to your colleagues or anyone you think might be interested.

Thaks to the Canadian University of Dubai for their support and hosting this event.

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We need you as a presenter

April 5, 2013 | News  |  1 Comment

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We need you as a presenter

for TESOL Arabia’s – Dubai Chapter & TESOL Arabia’s Educational Technology SIG
joint event on

Saturday, 27 April 2013

at the Canadian University of Dubai (location)

Get involved .. make a difference

You’re not being asked to know everything there is to know on a subject. In fact, use this as a chance to present a topic that has either interested you or has been bugging you for ages, and let TAEDTECH members and EFL colleagues come to your help. By doing so, you help all of us in realizing a community of good practice in the effective use of IT in EFL instruction, here in the Gulf region.

To our members outside the UAE
Real time online video presentations that use either Google+ or Elluminate are also an option if they can help accommodate your involvement.

This is an Open Event meaning that there is no chosen theme.
The following topics are offered as a guideline. If you have an idea that might fit into one of the following general topics, many of our members are eager to have you share it.

  •     using mobile devices (i.e. phones, iPads) in the language learning class
  •     using small ICT related strategies .. that get big learner results
  •     discussing ICT issues that are relevant to the language learning class
  •     realizing success with using ICT in the language learning class

Proposals due Tuesday 16 April
Share your presentation ideas by completing the following ONLINE form (deadline for 27 April presentation proposals is Tuesday 16 April)

Still have questions?
Get in touch with us at [email protected]
You are also invited to contribute to the day’s plans by visiting this link.

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